14 11 / 2013

Are you considering creating a website of your own? Maybe you’ve already started your own business and you need a new website to promote your product? Whether it’s a personal blog or a company profile, designing your own website can give you a platform to reach an entirely new audience. Proper web design tips and advice will help you design each web page with usability, quality content, and search engine optimization in mind. Without one or the other, any web page is likely to fail. You need quality content to keep the visitors interested, you need search engine optimization because 80 % of internet traffic comes from a search engine, and you need usability so that visitors can understand and use your website.

Navigation is crucial

Easy navigation of your website is important for you, the search engine, and your visitors. This is going to improve your ranking on the search engine and keep visitors interested in what you are offering. Having a simple navigation system is one of the cornerstones of website design. For visitors, many people like to implement a “three click rule”. The three click rule means that you should be able to navigate any page from at least three different internal links This means there are no dark and dusty corners of your website that isn’t tracking visitors. Search engines like a site map because they use this to quickly navigate through all of the necessary pages of your website. Keep links to important pages and information along the top or margins of every web page.

Your URLs should be SEO friendly

You should always have search engine optimization in the back of the mind when designing a web page. This is even true of the URLs, which should be search engine friendly and readable. Confusing URLs that can’t be understood by a human reader are typically not preferred by the search engines. Unfortunately, this may mean that you have to go back and make some changes, depending upon how far long along you are in the design process. It is recommended to go back and make the changes because search engine friendly URLs are extremely important. It is worth the time and effort to move the content if necessary.

Remember these basics of website design and you may do a little better when you are designing your next website. Keep your head up and stay patient.

14 11 / 2013

Website design can be incredibly difficult and take a lot of work. However, for those that love it, it can be an extremely fun, rewarding, and profitable experience. Owning a website gives you a legitimate shot in today’s business world. No website can survive without proper website design, online marketing, and useful content. While you can’t gather all of this from one article, you can make a small improvement. A couple of tips have been gathered below that should assist your design methodology and help you create a website that stands out from the rest.

There aren’t any shortcuts

Any way that you slice it, it is still going to take a lot of time and work to build a high-quality website. Adding the content yourself, designing the website, and running the website can take more energy than a lot of people are willing to offer. However, those who stick through with the process and learn from their mistakes are the ones who survive and run successful websites. Remember that it is never an overnight process and if you aren’t prepared to stick with your website design for the long haul, then you shouldn’t even begin. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to spot when a design idea isn’t working and

should be removed. Mistakes will happen, but if you can spot them, fix them, and learn from them, then there is nothing to worry about.

W3C standards

These aren’t laws and you don’t have to follow them strictly, but it is recommended that you abide by these standards as closely as possible if you want to be in the favor of the search engines. These are a set of standards presented by Google that define quality website design standards and habits. These are not tied directly to their rankings, but they still make for better design habits in the long run. Several websites have free W3C checkers that will run your code against W3C standards and let you know how well you are doing. This can give you a better idea of the changes you should make. Of course, if your website isn’t entirely compliant with standards, then don’t worry too much. There’s no penalties for not following standards, they are simply recommendations for website designers.

These are just a couple of the basics of website design. Continue reading and learning as much as possible.

14 11 / 2013

As websites become more popular more and more companies are looking to hire a True - web marketing  company to design their sites. Knowing what to look for in these companies and the average cost will go far in helping you to make the best possible choice for your business.

One of the first things you’ll want to look for in a design company is that they know basic content management. Building a content management system (CMS) will help to accomplish your immediate goals for your website. As your company gets larger you can then build on more custom design solution in order to accomplish the rest of your goals.

Following this procedure you’ll be able to keep your costs down and affordable. It’s important to remember to keep your site up to date in order to rank in the top of the search engines.

Once you’ve had your site built, you’ll want to look at the future of your site. By keeping it updated frequently and adding in fresh content you’ll continue ranking well. The higher you rank, the more visitors you’ll have to your site. Keeping keywords fresh and updated will go far in this endeavor.

If you’re not ranking in the top few sites when a search is done, you’re doing something wrong and need to revisit your design and content in order to improve your ranking.

Your website is the foundation of your business and you want to address that when you’re looking for a company to design your site. You want a company that can show you examples of great work that they have done for others (or themselves) and you want to see where those sites are ranking.

You want answers to your questions in language that you can easily understand and if they aren’t giving you answers you can understand you will need them to explain specifically what it is they are doing.

It will also help to keep costs down if once the site is built you have an employee in your own company that can easily and readily update and maintain your site. Having to hire out for each and every update can quickly become very expensive and drain your budget in a hurry.

Think of your website as the foundation for a house. You wouldn’t build it on sand. Build it on rock so that it will stay strong and firm.